Napkin Rings

31 Dec

Relatively easy instructions for working with decorative rope to make napkin rings.

Materials needed:
54″ of rope (for 8, calculate 6.5″ of rope per ring and add a couple of inches)
8 medallions, beads or buttons (one per ring)
Hot glue gun
Heavy thread

When no finishing is added to the end of the rope it unravels quickly.

Typically when a length of rope is cut in the store, tape is applied to the cutting line and then it is cut through the middle of the tape, leaving both ends bound in tape.

For this project, a quick stitch binding is applied to the rope so it doesn’t fray. For best results, use a heavy top stitch or upholstery thread. Thread needle and knot end. Insert the needle through the center of the rope (as shown).

Bring thread over the top of the rope and go through the center of the rope again. Bring thread under rope this time and go through center. Next, wrap thread around rope three time pulling it tight. Make sure loops stay on top of existing stitches. Bring thread through center of rope one more time and tie off.

For the napkin rings, 6.5″ sections off rope are used. Finish end as described. Measure length needed and apply wrapped finish just before the cut line. Apply second wrapped finish just after cut line.

Cut rope between finished sections.

Glue ends together.

Put glue on the back of medallion or button and press joined portion of the rope to the back.

When glue cools, check to make sure medallion is secure.

That’s it, repeat for each ring.


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